Playa Miguelon isn’t well known to tourists, but the locals know it well. It’s a darker sand beach, with some rocks, so isn’t so popular. For some reason, tourists have it in their minds that pretty beaches must have white sand, so they go to Playa Las Manchas to the north, or Playa Los Cedros to the south.

Playa Miguelon CabuyaThis beach is at the far north extreme of Cabuya, equally distant between its town center and that of Montezuma. You’d be better off taking a car here if you’re staying in Cabuya. Or, a great way to get here is to hike along the beach, which is beautiful and relatively undeveloped all the way.

Despite it being mostly ignored by tourists, Miguelon has a lot going for it.

Miguelon Lagoon

On the other side of Playa Miguelon is a small freshwater lagoon that’s a favorite spot for local kids. They play here, and someone has put up a rope swing for them to climb and swing on. Sometimes there are birthday parties here for children, perhaps even with a pinata. If you have kids, they’ll likely be invited to participate. It’s a fun way to meet some local Costa Rican families.

Illegal Camping

On the north side of the river is “Las Rocas” which has a flat, shady area, popular with people for camping. During holidays, you can often find this area filled with Ticos from all over the area, and farther, who camp every year at this spot. They fish, take lobsters, and the kids play in the lagoon.

You can most likely set up a tent for a few days here and no one will bother you, although there’s some risk that the police will ask you to leave. But, there’s safety in numbers too; if you see a bunch of other campers, it’s more likely you’ll be able to stay here for a bit.

Waterfall hike from Playa MiguelonHike to Buena Vista Waterfall

If you hike up the river and underneath the small bridge, you’ll find a small waterfall, and if you pass that, you can walk another 30-40 minutes up and find more, larger waterfalls. The river will split and their are waterfalls up both forks, but the better one is on the left side.

When passing the bridge, keep an eye out for basilisks, also known as the Jesus Christ Lizard, because it runs across the top of the water. You may have seen it on TV, but it’s pretty spectacular to see with your own eyes. This section of the river usually has a few that will put on their amazing show for you if they get startled.

Miguelon Surf Spot?

One in a blue moon, the wave here is known to break just right so that surfers can ride it. It happens so rarely that most people have never seen surfers here, and it’s mostly the stuff of legends. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to see it.

Map Showing Miguelon and Las Rocas