Playa Los Cedros is probably Cabuya’s prettiest beach, at least at high tide. At low/mid tide you see a bunch of rocks and it looks like a treacherous place.

It’s also very popular for rock hounds, hoping to find agates, bloodstone, jasper, jade, or any of the many types of exotic seeds (great for making jewelry) that wash up on the beaches. Keep in mind that technically, taking anything off the beaches in Costa Rica is illegal.

If you want to swim, better to come at high tide to avoid the rocks.


Cedros is a popular surf spot, but usually isn’t breaking. Because of the rocks, it’s only good at high tide, and the swell has to be just right. It breaks on a south swell only. And if it’s too big it closes out. If it’s too small it doesn’t break at all. It’s sort of a “Goldilocks” wave. Then, if everything IS working, everyone goes, including crowds from Santa Teresa. It’s a point break, so everyone packs together and jockeys for position from the launch spot, hoping to be the lucky one to get one of the waves in the sets, which arrive every 10-15 minutes in groups of 3-7 waves.

So, if you’re a surfer, it’s not a good wave to rely on, and better to stay in Santa Teresa where you have lots of space and options.

Nearby Points of Interest

Just north of Playa Los Cedros is Playa Miguelon, which has a lagoon and is good for kids and for fishing.

Studio Los Almendros, which has a dance studio and several small houses for rent, is on the other side of the road from Los Cedros. Find the owner, Ninoska, and you can find out if she has anything for rent or any dance activities going on.

Other than that there are no restaurants within walking distance of this beach.

Bing Map of Playa Los Cedros