Type: Rescue Center
Location: Del Super Chicho, 100m al sur, 700m al oeste, Cabuya, Costa Rica
Call: +506 8884-8444
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wildsunrescuecenter/
Website: http://www.wildsunrescue.org/

Wild Sun Wildlife Rescue Center is bordering the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. This non-profit association has the purpose to make conservation and rehabilitation of Wildlife in the southern Nicoya Peninsula. It is home to hundreds of wild animals and unique plant species.

This center also offers unique volunteer programs for those who want to work for helping wildlife beyond just financial support. From across the region, it collects the injured and orphaned wild animals. And after giving proper medical care and shelter when they become cured, they are released to their natural habitat. But the severely injured animals with permanent handicaps are kept in this center so that they get proper care. It is working for reintroducing regionally extinct species into other stressed tropical ecosystems in the country.

Wildlife Rescue:

a-baby-ocelotMain activity of this rescue center is to rescue and care for hurt local wild animals. From the surrounding areas of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, this center get information about cases of injury, sickness and orphaned wildlife and tend to them as soon as it is possible.

Wildlife Rehabilitation:

After giving proper treatment to the injured animals, most of them are kept under proper care at the rescue center for a rehabilitation period until they get cured properly. And at the end of the rehabilitation period, they will be released back to their original habitat.

Wildlife Release:

This center has the aim to release the animals to their natural habitat as soon as it is possible. This release process is a bit critical and must be done carefully so that the animals remain safe. Those animals who could not recovered completely, they kept under the center’s custody as permanent residents.

Future Conservation Initiatives:

wild-animalIt is also important to protect land to maintain a continuous habitat with passageways for animals, free from hazards and poaching. Wild Sun Rescue Center also gives priority in prevention of the need for the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife.


People who want to work for the cause and help wildlife beyond the financial support, they can join local volunteer programs offered by Wild Sun Rescue Center.

Short term program:

People who wants to join the local volunteer programs, they will have to stay for 2 weeks minimum or for 4 weeks maximum.

Extended and conditional volunteering programs:

Dependent on level of contribution, need and ability, volunteers can also stay for a longer period of up to three months. After completing 2 to 4 weeks volunteering, the contributions of the volunteers will be reviewed by the center and volunteers might get the opportunity to stay for the long term volunteering program. Depending on the volunteer’s own specialized skills, they will be assigned to tasks so that they can contribute as well as participate in general tasks at the center. Volunteers are required to be fully dedicated to the rehabilitation and safety of every animals.