One of the southern nicoya peninsula’s most beautiful waterfalls, it’s also probably the least-visited.

That’s because it take two hours to walk here from the main road, which is the only way for tourists to get there.

Rio Lajas WaterfallHow to Find the Rio Lajas Waterfall

Park your car at the bridge at the Rio Lajas, which is by Nena’s Marmalades. There’s a parking area there by a huge tree. Then, just start walking up the river. You may see some “pink flamingos” here in the river by the bridge, which are actually Roseate Spoonbills.

The river isn’t usually very deep, and you can swim in various pools, so it won’t be as hot as a jungle hike would be. You’ll need some waterproof shoes and plenty of sunscreen.

You’ll pass the yoga center Sanctuary at two Rivers after 30 minutes or so. Eventually you’ll get to a big fork in the river and you’ll go to the right, and a bit later is the falls, where you can swim, and ost likely, you’ll be the only ones up there.

Don’t hike up any rivers in Costa Rica on rainy days, or you risk flash floods. It gets completely dark at around 6pm so be sure to leave around 1pm or so if you want to be sure you can make it back before the light’s all gone. On a moonless night here, it’s almost pitch black in this part of the country because there’s no city lights nearby.