Montezuma, the town just to the north of Cabuya, began as a remote fishing village, and has gained popularity since the 1980s among the tourists. Known for its bohemian atmosphere and amazing natural beauty of its beaches and waterfalls, this town is a perfect destination for the beach lover and eco-tourists. Set into a landscape of true tropical paradise, it’s surrounded by jungle covered hills with small rivers forming waterfalls and pools.

For decades, this small town has attracted many artists and hippies who want to enjoy an alternative lifestyle. It is also referred as Montefuma or Moctezuma by many Costa Rican for its off-beat character. On Saturday morning at 10:30am in local farmer’s market, you will find the hippie the roots of Montezuma along with organic fruits and vegetables and locally-made handicrafts.

The charming old wood houses, itinerant artists and vivid street life of Montezuma center has an almost Caribbean flair. From the center of the town within easy walking distance, you will find restaurants, beaches and hotels as well as many budget lodgings in hostels and cabinas.


In Montezuma there are many cheap accommodations for the tourists who have limited budget. There are also many upscale resorts in the area uphill from Montezuma, which are perfect for those who want to enjoy luxurious facilities as well as comfort. There are many accommodations that you will find with all your particular needs and budget requirements. We can give you a few suggestions: Anamaya Resort for yoga retreats. Amor de Mar for beachfront hotel.


clandestina-specials-menuThere are some notable restaurants which serves excellent cuisine. In Montezuma there are plenty of options for the vegetarian visitors. You will find some places to enjoy beachfront dining experience. Our favorites are Clandestina for best food. Puggo’s also is amazing. Playa de Artistas is great for luxury beachfront dining. B-Bar for best hamburger.


Montezuma is set amid a striking and varied landscape and poses a unique open-air comfort and culture. At night you will enjoy the town’s relaxed-vibe transitions to a more upbeat fiesta. In this small town, the nightlife is exceptional. There are small bars and clubs where you can enjoy dancing the night away. Chico’s Bar is the nightlife hub of Montezuma. It is in the village center and a perfect place to enjoy dancing, Latin music or techno beats. On Monday, head to Organico, for their “Open Mic” night. In high season, every Thursday is the “Reggae Night” street party, which is a lot of fun, especially starting around 11pm when things really get going.


Travelers who are looking for more tranquility, they can choose a beachfront location for the evening to enjoy the breeze and amazing views across the Gulf of Nicoya. There they can also enjoy particularly romantic views on the nights before and at the time of full moon.

    Playa Grande Beach:

    Playa Grande Beach is just at Montezuma’s doorstep. It is the place where one can spend some relaxed time and enjoy amazing surrounding views. This place is also good for surfing but the surfers should be cautious as the rid tide currents can be quite strong.


    montezuma-waterfallJust outside of the town, there is a gorgeous 80-foot cascading waterfall with stunning swimming holes. Within close destination there are also several places with warm natural springs.

Neighboring towns:


    This town is just to the south of Montezuma along the beach. It can be reached within 10 minutes driving. This town has the only entrance to Cabo Blanco national park.

    Santa Teresa/ Malpais:

    Directly west of Montezuma, there is the beach town Santa Teresa that is about three times larger. It is well know as a top surf destination.