Camping Fernando

A paradise spot if we ever saw one, you can camp at Fernando’s, right on the beachfront at a rivermouth, which makes it perhaps the most beautiful spot in Cabuya.

You’ll be provided with water and electricity, for a very inexpensive price.

Surfing at Rio Lajas

A beginners surf spot is right here at the river, but only tends to work during high tide and for occasional waves (much more likely from May through November). If you’re searching for the world’s most spectacular waves, this isn’t it, but if you like to paddle out on an easy wave on a longboard, then Rio Lajas is perfect.

Rio Lajas CabuyaRio Lajas River Hike

If you walk up the river for two hours, you’ll find a huge and spectacular waterfall. This is one of the best hikes in the area, and it’s better than the Cabo Blanco national park hike (and free too.) Plus you’ll probably have the whole route to yourself since it’s relatively unknown.

Contact Info

Phone#: +506 2642-0351

The best way is to just go there and find someone, and there’s nearly always someone home.

Map Showing Camping Location

The camping spot is right on the Rio Lajas rivermouth, on the south side, shown here: