Cabuya Ocean View Land

The owner of this site, Geoff McCabe, is part-owner in the real estate company Tropisphere, with many listings in Cabuya.

Two of the four agents at Tropisphere have lived in Cabuya for years and know nearly everything that’s going on here. If you’re interested in looking for a lot or house to purchase, you can contact them:

If you’d like to look at Cabuya listings, check them out here online:

Cabuya Real Estate

In general, Cabuya is lower priced than Montezuma and Santa Teresa, due to several factors. First, it’s more remote. Second, it has less going on, such as fewer restaurants. There are no luxury hotels and luxury villas. Many of the beaches are rocky, brown color, and don’t have the sunset views of Santa Teresa. Surfing isn’t as good as the Malpais / Santa Teresa side either, especially in dry season, where there are usually no waves at all. It’s quite a bit farther from Cobano, so a trip to the bank, gas station, pharmacy, or grocery stores can be up to 30 minutes.

Cabuya does have some big advantages however, such as:

1. Many options for affordable houses under $200,000
2. Beautiful ocean view lots for much cheaper than St Teresa and Montezuma
3. Entrance to Cabo Blanco National Park
4. Lots of water, year round
5. Less tourists, noise, dust, etc.

So this makes Cabuya a more affordable place, and in many ways a better long-term investment, because it has more room to go up. For people who are more into nature, peace and quiet, and aren’t surfers, Cabuya is a great option.