If you are staying at Cabuya and want to enjoy some fun time at night, you can head to Montezuma where you will find some fine places to enjoy parties and also dancing.

chicos-bar-outsideChico’s Bar:

This bar is an essential part of the Montezuma experience. It has a magical magnetic force. Liquor-loving local people, medley of tipsy tourists visit this place any time of the day. Set right in the middle of the town, this bar is the focus of the town’s nightlife. Its seaside bar and dance floor is really great place for enjoying fun time. Though it is small, somehow it can mange to serve hundreds of people some nights.

If you visit this Chico’s bar at night, you will find a mix of tourists come from different parts of the world as well as you will meet local people. All of those visit this bar for hanging out and enjoying the humid, tropical night and all of them represent different cultures. This bar organizes many special events such as various impromptu dance shows. Almost every night fire dancing and related circus shows are held at this bar. If you visit this bar at the time of big party nights such as Halloween, Costa Rica’s Independence day, New year’s or Christmas, you will find the street is full of People and sometimes over a thousands of them visit this place to enjoy fun time.


cafe-organicoCafe Organico:

In Montezuma, Cafe Organico is one of the coolest spots. With its regular ‘open mic’ event, healthy food, this cafe adds a lot of color and flair to the tropical town of Montezuma. Open mic night is Monday that is generally starts at 4:30 pm in the afternoon. Liv Macchia is the owner of Cafe Organico who supports the local music scene with its open mic night.

Its Italian owner and chef prepare the food with only the freshest ingredients collected from the organic market’s. It also offers vegetarian or vegan food often. Its menu include the Turtle Love Salad, a hearty blend of mixed greens, avocado, mint, cilantro, and sugar snap peas, as well as satisfying sweets like avocado ice cream.

Call: 506-2642 1322

Bar El Higueron:

You can also visit this sports bar for enjoying some of the local drinks and beer. It remains open from 11 am to 12 pm.

Call: +506 2642 9999

kardoes-restaurant-barKardoes Restaurant:

You can visit Kardoes restaurant that has a bar serving refreshing smoothies, cocktails, Italian housewine or Belgian beers. This restaurant serves a variety of International cuisines including the best Costa Rican steak and fresh fish with delicious sauces, Italian salads and pasta dishes and homemade hamburgers and many more. If you visit this place at night, you can have your dinner from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Though this place is not much of a nightlife scene, you can hangout here with your friends and enjoy your favorite drinks.

Tel/Fax: 506 2642 0374

La Lora Amarilla:

While staying at Cabuya, if you want to enjoy more adventure at night, you just can drive 45 to 90 minutes and go to Santa Teresa to visit La Lora Amarilla. Set in the middle of Santa Teresa, this huge disco bar arranges live music and also DJ. These events attracts both International tourists and locals. Tuesday night is reggae party and Wednesday and Friday is for Latin beats and Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy live music and karaoke here.

Call: 2640–0132