Hours: 6:30a.m. -8:30 p.m., closed Tuesdays
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/panaderiacafeteria.cabuya
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/258876162/
Phone: 2642-1184

Price Range: Breakfast $3-7; Lunch $7-12; Baked goods $2-$6; Drinks $3-$5

chocolate-cherry-cake-sliceNestled on a tropical patio, Cabuya Bakery/ Panaderia is a local landmark. This inviting bakery serves up a stellar menu that includes pastries and fresh bread. In your breakfast you can have strong coffee and later in the day can enjoy soups and sandwiches. In this bakery you will enjoy Cabuya-native Owner Yeilith Maria Morales Paniagua’s breads, cakes in different flavors including vanilla, carrot, apple, chocolate, red velvet and many more. You can also enjoy nut bars, and scrumptious cookies. Other favorites are delicious gallo pinto, sandwiches, casados and local seafood plates prepared by Yeilith. Even if you are full after having main dishes, you can grab a bag of giant elephant ears or her signature fried puff pastry rolled in sugar and filled with guava jelly.


tablesCabuya Bakery/ Panaderia is decorated with natural touch. At this bakery you will have different dining experience from other restaurants, and provides a very friendly and family atmosphere.

It is furnished with plastic chairs and wood tables, decorated with tropical flowers attracting hummingbirds. You can just have a seat on the outdoor tropical patio and enjoy having some delicious meals as well as fun time with your friends and family. Or you can just enjoy some tranquil time sitting on its tropical patio. At the bakery, no alcohol, cigarettes or pets are allowed.


Every guests get same treat at Cabuya Bakery/ Panaderia so you don’t need to be impatient while waiting in line at the bakery counter. At this bakery you can meet other people and learn something about the community. If you have business to conduct, you can take your laptop and check your e-mail as the bakery has WiFi. It’s a favorite local spot… a great place to meet (or make) friends, and to run into people you know. It’s also a popular stop for people heading to Cabo Blanco park, or on ATV tours around the peninsula.